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Privacy Policy

To safely and appropriately provide you with counselling I need to collect personal data from you and I need your written consent to collect this data.

Counselling is a confidential process and I do not reveal your personal data or the content of your sessions to a third party without your express permission. The only exceptions to this would be if you were threatening your own life or the life of another,  or you were involved in a crime that falls outside of counselling confidentiality boundaries. In these cases, I may decide to contact emergency services or relevant authorities without your permission.

This privacy policy explains what information we collect, how I use it, where I keep it, how long I keep it for and the procedures that I have in place to safeguard your privacy.

What Information Do I Collect?

When you contact My service via email, we collect the following information on our online Enquiry Submission Form:


Email address
Mobile number
Reason for your enquiry

When you contact my service via the phone and when you choose to proceed from a phone or online enquiry, we collect the following information on our Registration Form:

Email address
Mobile number

Where do we keep this information?

Your Enquiry Submission Form and any emails relating to your referral within the service are kept on my password protected computer.  Your Registration Form are processed via email using word documents and stored in the password protected computer folders on my computer and is stored in a property which only I the Data Controller have access to.

How long do I keep your data for?


I destroy computer records of your enquiry, registration and assessment forms on completion of your therapy. I store your client notes on a password protected laptop for a minimum of 7 years, in line with guidance from our insurers, after which point they are deleted. Your records in my service are not classed as medical records or public records.

How do I safeguard your privacy?

I receive and store your enquiry, registration and assessment data via word documents on a password protected computer, kept in my property. Other than your enquiry and registration information, all other documentation is identified by your initials only.

Lorraine McGinlay is the only person who has access to your data.

Subject Access Request - Should you wish to access your data or have it destroyed before 7 years have elapsed you may submit your request in writing to Lorraine McGinlay. Each application will be considered on an individual basis and any decision to provide access to or destroy your personal data will be. 


Data Breaches


Lorraine McGinlay strives to do her utmost to protect your data. However, in the event of a personal data breach the following actions will be taken:

• If the breach is likely to result in a high risk of adversely affecting individuals’ rights and freedoms, I will inform those individuals without undue delay.
• A record of any personal data breaches will be kept.


Data Controller

Lorraine McGinlay -

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