Factors that may be affecting your sex life

Happy couple holding handsSometimes, when we are having trouble in one part of our life, it can affect another part, which could be completely unrelated. Many sexual problems are like this. The difficulties you may be having in your sex life may be caused by something else.

A very simple example of this is when you have a lot on your mind, you often don’t feel like having sex. This is a very mild and temporary situation, and soon goes away. However, if a problem is more severe it can have stronger and longer-lasting effects on your sex life.

You may be suffering from stress or have had a traumatic experience, or you feel unhappy with your life – it could be any number of reasons. These then have a knock-on effect on your sexuality: this could result in anything from a complete lack of desire, to problems with erections or painful intercourse.

Psychosexual Therapy can help by getting the root of the problem and then treating it, which can improve your sex life.

What happens in Psychosexual Therapy?

To begin with we need to find out what could be causing your sexual problems. I do this simply by talking to you as a couple, or on your own if you prefer (however, it is often more beneficial if both of you are there). I realise this may be hard to talk about, but as your therapist I will be extremely patient and will support you throughout. I also encourage an approach which does not blame either partner. In fact, sharing a problem makes it much easier to deal with and there is nothing to be embarrassed about. There are no examinations, tests or any sexual acts to be performed, it’s about listening to one another.

Once we have identified what might be causing the problem, we can discuss possible ways of treating it. We may devise a specific treatment program to help you cope and give you practical ways of dealing with it together. Sessions can from last 1 hour or we may need an hour and 30 minutes.

If we discover that your problem is a physical one I will refer you back to your GP, with a recommendation that your physical issues are checked out first.

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