Help with your relationship

Couple in relationship walking dogMarriage or couples counselling can help you decide what the future might hold for each one of you and for you as a couple. In marriage counselling you are encouraged and supported to:

  • explain your hopes, dreams, worries and concerns
  • understand each other better – one of the greatest benefits of couple counselling
  • manage differences of opinion
  • improve relationship communication
  • explore whether there is still hope or whether to end the relationship
  • talk more and differently to improve marital harmony
  • learn problem solving techniques
  • identify your ’wants’ and needs
  • identify what is works well in your relationship/marriage – there are always things that you are doing really well!
  • move on from the disappointments, hurts and anger
  • move on if it is your decision to end the relationship/marriage
  • identify your own individual resources and how best to use them
  • identify your resources as a couple
  • explore the impact of ending your relationship – positive and negative
  • heal and move on when you are getting over an affair
  • get to know yourself better

As a qualified couples counsellor I know that often one of the partners is coming along reluctantly for relationship or marriage counselling; I make every effort to help that person feel at ease.

If you would like an informal chat or to book an appointment, contact me on 07979 682 933 or email me